Session Two:  Physiology

Phenomenology research,
Spirit Body Healing eight steps
Longevity vs quality of life

Something more
Moment of healing
Of relationship
Who are you in this how do you recognize it what do you do?
Falling in love
Seeing beauty
The skills of the The Contemporary Shaman

Creating sacred space-
Being present-
Increasing your intent -.
Focusing to heal
Going into an altered state
How to see and listen
experiencing light and beauty
Strengthening your intuition
Increasing your psychic abilities-
Promoting transformation.
Honoring suffering-
Changing Space and time-
Moving healing energy

Who are you?

The eight steps

1. pain and darkness
2. going elsewhere
3. being creative in a turning point
4. slipping through the veil
5. knowing the truth and trusting the process
6. embodying spirit
7. feeling healing energy and compassion
8. transcendence


Guided imagery
Artist within
Healer within
Inner light of love
Power animal
Workshop space of power
Helpers angels
Creative ideas for art
Healing energy
Trust process
Know the truth