The Final Project

Due the last class, December, 13, 2008

This is about you, not me
It is for you to experience, grow, become, not memorize or categorize
I will not grade you on quality of art like in an art course, only on the process, you do not even need to show it to me if you do not want to, although I would love to see it, I will view it without judgement, with love.
It is only about healing yourself, others, the earth.

Do a piece of art to heal:
Yourself: illness, crises, problem, relationship, work,
Others : a person who is ill, family member, sister, brother, mother, father, ancestor, people in hospital or out patient facilities, schools, old age homes,
The earth, neighborhood, community. A river, a minority group, a population of elderly, a road, a habitat.

Think of a actual art project with an intent to heal.  It can be a journal, visual art, music, dance a program, all as one.

Choose a goal, to heal yourself, others, the earth.

Do it.

Write it up and hand it in.  the project is more important than the write up.  The paper needs to be 2 pages at least, you can include photos, documentation, anything, I want to be able to feel what you did.  Email the paper to me, Remember it is about healing, not quality of art, always. For this class, A color wash that helped you feel better is as good as a Picasso.   In the paper, tell me, what you wanted to heal, what is the process, and what happened to you, what you felt. Take the project as far as you can and hand it that, and…. The future plans.

Examples, if you have an illness, crises, life issue, personal growth issue, use writing, visual arts of any kind, music, dance to heal yourself.  For example, if you have an illness, draw, write and see what happens, be creative, I will not grade you on the art, only on your effort and meaningfulness.

Set up an art and healing program in a facility, hospital, if you are already volunteering or doing something in a facility make art there too in any way you want to.

Do something in your community, a mural, a ritual, a dance, a performance for healing.

If this is not right for you, you can, hand in a journal about healing art and write a conventional paper about art and healing, any topic with references, footnotes, research, etc.

I would prefer an experience of using art to heal.

Email me questions