Dream image desensitization

Healing grief with dream images turned into art

Now we know that during dreams or delta sleep images are played over and over again. Each time they play, they desensitize the  person to the image and replace its fear with love.

Behavior therapy has been used to heal phobias for many years. You show people what they are afraid of over and over again in a photo. They get used to the image and lose their fear.

New research has shown that people also see images in their dreams, while asleep, that heal trauma and PTSD the same way. The person sees an image over and over and is de conditioned to it, this time in their deep sleep delta wave sleep.

SO….if people can see images in their dreams, in delta deep sleep, then when they see them in the awake state in guided imagery and art, it helps ptsd and phobias the same way. The person remembers what they are afraid of, does guided imagery and art with that image, and slowly is not afraid anymore. The brain gets used to it.

When a person makes art, they see an image of something they are afraid of or of a trauma along with an image of beauty and spirit, . Seeing what the person is afraid of, with beauty heals ptsd and phobias
so.. art and guided imagery (our book Healing with the Arts) heals PTSD and phobias