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Michael Samuels, M.D. has worked with guided imagery and cancer patients for thirty years. He has a private practice that uses guided imagery with cancer patients and people with life threatening illness and he teaches workshops about guided imagery and cancer nationwide. His book, Seeing With the Mind’s Eye., written in 1975 was the first comprehensive book on guided imagery and is an imagery classic. He is also the cofounder and director of Art As A Healing Force, a project started in 1990 devoted to making art and healing one. He is the author of fifteen other books including the best selling Well Body Book, Well Baby Book, Well Pregnancy Book, and Spirit Guides and Creative Healing, How to use art, writing, music, and dance to heal body and soul. .

Brief Biography- Dr. Michael Samuels

Born New York City, 1942

Brown University, 1960-1963

New York University College of Medicine, M.D., 1967

Research immunogenetics, New York University, 1964-1967

Residency, Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center San Francisco, 1967-1968

United States Public Health Service, Hopi Indian Reservation, 1968-1969

Marin County, California, Department of Public Health, Physician, 1969-1975

Co-founder, co-director, Physician, Headlands Clinic, Bolinas, California, 1970-1975

Author, 1972-1997

Workshop leader and teacher, guided imagery for patients with life threatening illnesses, 1985-1999

Private practice and consultation in guided imagery for patients with life-threatening illnesses, 1975-1999

Advisory boards of Commonweal, Tamalpa institute, Alpha institute

Co-Founder and Director, Art as a Healing Force Program, 1990-1999

Performance artist doing ritual to heal the earth and make art and healing one. 1993-1999


The Well Body Book

Be Well

Spirit Guides

The Well Baby Book

The Well Child Book

The Well Child Coloring Book

The Well Pregnancy Book

Well Body, Well Earth

The Well Adult

Take Charge Of Your Arthritis

Take Charge of Your Hypertension

Take Charge of your Heart Disease

Seeing with the Mind’s Eye

Healing with the Mind’s Eye

Creative healing, How to use art, writing, music and dance to heal body and soul

Path of the feather, Medicine Wheels and spirit animals for healing

Spirit Body Healing

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