Art programs in hospitals

Healers are discovering that art, music, dance and poetry have profound healing effects. Doctors, nurses, and therapists are now working with artists and musicians to heal people of all ages with many conditions including cancer and AIDS. Healers have found that art and music, combined with traditional medicine are powerful tools.

Hospitals all over the world are incorporating music and art into patient care. The most sophisticated university medical centers are now creating art in medicine programs which invite artists and musicians to work with patients and literally change the hospital environment. These programs take the artists and musicians into the patient's room have the artists perform in atrium spaces. The patients watch and experience the exhilaration of a symphony or the beauty of an exhibition or they paint, play music, or dance themselves with the artists. Art and music crack the sterile space of fear the patients live in and they open it to the joys of the human spirit. The spirit freed then helps the body heal. Replacing fear with hope is the essence of modern mind body medicine.


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