The Web As A Healing Force

The web is a way we can all focus our psychic energy at one place at once. If we all picture an image or picture healing the earth, in the traditions of shamanic artist healers, it will happen. This page will do that in the days to come.

The Medicine Wheel Web of healing artists.

We hope to join healing artists all over the earth as a sacred medicine wheel on the web. We believe that if healing artists put thier visions and imagery on the web with the intent to heal the earth it will form a noosphere of healing that will heal ourselves, others, and the earth..

We will start with an image of Alex Grey’s to focus on healing energy. As the days go on we will choose specific images to image together. We hope you will send images too. This site will eventually be a group earth healing and personal healing vision that we all make together.

Alex Grey

Imagine that you are in the center of an immense field of healing energy. As one of the minds on the web you are a star in an immense constellation that is the living being evolving towards God. The energy comes to you in lines as part of a field that is alive. As it enters your body it fills you and you light up in each of your energy centers. You then radiate the energy outwards to the whole universe.

We belive that if everyone on the web pictured a healing form at once, we and the earth would heal. That is the goal of the healing web.

The next step is the collective vision. It is an guided imagery on another Alex Grey painting called Theologue.

If you would like to share in this by posting an healing image of yours or a prayer see our medicine wheel web page The Medicine Wheel Web of healing artists and E-mail us at

Links to other web sites that heal the earth through music and art

The Path of the Feather is our site about the healing artist as the shaman.  It is about becoming a shaman through your own life as a vision quest.

The Path of the Feather  is about seeing spirits and hearing the voices of the living earth.  It is about finding out who you really are. It is about making medicine wheels and listening to the voices of the spirit animals and the ancient ones. In The Path of the Feather, you will  become one who sees and one who heals the earth with intent. You will  become a contemporary shaman. It is about you living your ordinary life as your vision quest, as your shamanic journey.



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