Doing ritual on sacred sites to heal

Vijali doing a serpent ritual in Tinos Greece

Artists and healers are finding that sacred sites on the earth are essential healing resources to heal themselves, others, and the earth. Healers are taking patients to sacred sites to heal and artists are going to sacred sites to make healing art and do intentional healing rituals. Sacred sites exist in your backyard and in ancient stone circles, they are both gifts to the healing artist.

Sacred sites play a major role in art and healing. The energies they have from both the earth and the rituals done in the past flow up into us to empower us deeply. Sacred sites are situated on ley lines, near rivers, caves, springs, mountains, ancient trees, etc. and the energy of these earth forces come up into our body, mind, and spirits to make any healing more effective. The ancient spirits who did the rituals to heal in the past come to us and speak to us and give us their power too.

We have done rituals with artist healers in sacred sites all over the world. We routinely do ritual at sacred springs, ancient trees, mountains, and stone circles. We also use sacred sites to empower artist healers in their work.

Each place, every community and wild area has its sacred sites. Artist healers are now finding and creating their own sacred sites through ritual. Vigali has created a ring of sacred sites around the earth through making healing art with community in nine countries in the World Wheel.
Ritual is embodied multimedia healing art. It is a performance piece done to heal with sacred intent. It is the oldest art and the oldest healing. It uses dance, music, visual arts, storytelling, all at once to produce transformation.