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A medicine wheel is simply a way of making sacred space more real and more visible. Ancient peoples believed that the medicine wheel in itself had great power and helped create change and healing. Medicine wheels were circles that were made all over the world. They come from the most ancient cultures and remain alive to the present. They were found throughout history in almost every culture.
Medicine wheels were always a place of sacred ceremony and ritual.

The medicine wheel creates an axis and an atlas to sacred space.  It is a mapping of the sacred landscpe we live in.  The medicine wheel is spinning.  It is rotating like the earth.   The things in your life are spinning and you are the center.

We are setting up The Art As a Healing Force medicine wheel on the web. Our goal is to help heal ourselves, others, and the earth with healing art. We hope that each healing artist that plugs in will be part of a collective consciousness of people making art to heal, and will be seen as a healing artist, and will see themselves as a healing artist who is healing themselves, others, and the world.

The medicine wheel web is about becoming an intentional healing part of the consciousness that is being born that surrounds the earth. We all join, share our visions, pray as one, and find the other who dreams as we do. Through the noosphere, the consciousness that surrounds the earth, we become one consciousness with its parts intact.

The term noosphere was first used by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit paleontologist, to refer to the thinking envelope that surrounds the earth and acts like a collective consciousness. Many people realize that the web is a noosphere and though it we can merge and think as one being. We believe that one function of the noosphere is to see and heal and to receive the thoughts from the universe as it grows and looks back on itself. This site is about becoming intentionally part of the healing noosphere, as it self balances the earth.

Healing artists are the contemporary shaman of our time. You bring in images that heal, and manifest them in the outer world. You produce transformation and empowerment and heal as you make art. Healing artists make up a living medicine wheel that surrounds the earth. They are the part of the noosphere that balances and heals. You are healing by just making art. You are a node on the noosphere that is like a cell in the immune system or a cell that can produce growth and regeneration. You are a node in the noosphere that can see into the mind of the universe and be one with it as it grows

We will help make a living medicine wheel on the web with each healing artist as a sacred site on the earth. You are healing in this moment, your art is art with a healing force to heal the earth. If you become a consciousness part of a living medicine wheel that surrounds the earth as a net you will heal the earth as you are and as you make art.

We want to create a collective consciousness so that when a healing artist plugs in, they feel they are part of a living medicine wheel which becomes a mirror, where they experience themselves as empowered and part of an actual healing act. It is like a conversation with God, it empowers them to take action, to make art, and to be healing artists.

We hope that each artist on this wheel will find others who are having the same dream, bringing in the same images. We hope that anyone who needs to be healed will find others who are doing the work they are involved in. Healing artists who make bears will see other people who have same dreams, and make bear art. You will find your spirit brothers, sisters, and lovers.

When we make a medicine wheel of healing art, you will be seen as part of that web. We will put you as a healing artist on the web so you will know that you are not alone. You will see that someone believes in you, that you are being seen. This is about seeing you. You are being illuminated in the world so you can see yourself and others can see you too. That is how the earth is healing itself. As we see ourselves in these moments, the earth is healed. This is about you seeing yourself as a healing artist. This is about being a healing artist with others as a ritual healing act.

We will make our site open to all healing artists. When they join, we will put their offering on the site, or link to their sites. When they become part of the living medicine wheel, they intentionally become part of the noosphere that will heal the earth. All healing artists need to make art and hang it in their lives, with their friends, in their community, in galleries and churches. We need to put our art out there because the art will heal. Making art with intent to heal, heals.

Art as a Healing Force Medicine Wheel Web will be accessible to all healing artists. They can call, each other and become a living medicine wheel. We will link everyone who has same dreams. The way people will find their soul mate is by finding the one with same dreams. This is how the noosphere works.

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    I love making medicine wheels