Video on art and healing

Color My World: The Arts in Medicine

We recommend with all our hearts, Color My World, the moving video of the Arts In Medicine program at University of Florida. This moving one hour video shows in detail the workings of the Arts In Medicine program. Color My World makes you cry with compassion and emotion. It shows artists with patients in the hospital, interviews with artists and patients, and scenes of what it is like to make art with patients who are very ill. To feel what art and medicine is about, watch this video.

Color My World: The Arts in Medicine

The unique connection between arts and medicine is rediscovered in this inspiring new one-hour documentary. By giving patients an artistic outlet to help cope with anxieties and apprehensions of their illness, Dr. Graham-Pole, University of Florida pediatrics professor, and Mary Rockwood Lane, painter and intensive-care unit nurse, have pioneered the Art In Medicine program at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida -one of the largest “Art In Medicine” programs in the nation.

University of Florida Telecommunications Professor James Babanikos, also a writer and director, along with public television station WUFT-TV, Channel 5, looks into the hearts and minds of patients as they learn to express their experiences, frustrations, and hopes by writing, painting, or dancing to their dreams. In these dramatic visual sequences, Color My World captures the essence between the artist and the patient at bedside.

Babanikos has captivated audiences with his award winning films, C. P. Cavafy, From Ithaca to Tarpon Springs, The Death of a Bachelor and Good-bye Socrates.

This enlightening documentary illustrates the transformation of an impersonal hospital environment into one that improves the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the patient, using creativity as a tool to heal.

The video can be ordered from

University of Florida at 800- 983-8885 for $19.95.

If you want to see what art and medicine is like, to feel it in your heart, or if you run a program and need a teaching tool, this is it. It is very beautiful and it opens your heart.