Our book, A Twelve Week Program to Heal with Art

Healing with the Arts: A Twelve Week Program to Heal with Art

By Michael Samuels, M.D. and Mary Rockwood Lane PhD., R.N. FAAN.


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The goal of our 12 week program is for you to heal yourself, others, community and the earth with art. You will do that by finding your inner artist and  joining with your inner healer to change your body’s physiology and optimize healing.  By releasing tension and fear, by opening the mind to passionate creativity and the forces that made us,  the inner artist and the inner healer release the immense power of love to heal.  The inner artist and inner healer as one, is an exquisite balance of energetic wholeness.  Art and healing is the oldest healing known and is now recognized as the most advanced by health futurists. Leland Kaiser, health futurist at University of Colorado, says that the future of healthcare is a convergence of art, spirituality, and healing.

The 12 week program will make you an artist/healer to heal yourself and community

Week  one:  Create sacred space and your own healing, caring community

Week Two:  Letting go of your inner critic and meeting your inner muse

Week Three:  Four easy steps to heal with art

Week Four:  Strengthening my relationship with higher power

Week Five: Spirit Body Healing, Finding what needs to be healed in your life

Week Six: Determining who I am, becoming what I want to be.   Visual arts as healing

Week Seven  :  Healing with the word, journal writing, poetry, prose, drama, theate

Week Eight:  Allowing myself to enjoy life, healing with music

Week Nine: Opening my heart to the divine dancer within

Week Ten : Awakening to my new life story, finding my essence

Week eleven:  Toward your peak experiences of sexual bliss

Week twelve: Art and healing and end of life

Conclusion: Transcendence, your Final project presentation and a final Ceremony of graduation

Art as a Healing Force  gives each person the ability to heal with art. Each person is empowered to heal – themselves, others, community and the earth with visual arts, word, music, dance, ceremony and even huge events.

This is wonderful! It’s time to make art and healing one on earth again as a individual and social force for healing and change.

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  1. I’ve been buying your books since 1972. Just rereading Be Well, 1974, wondering what you were doing. Have nearly all your books, use them. All of them have changed my life, so thank you. Interested in this new course/ book.